BJ: The Life and Times of Bosco and Jojo 纪录片




导演:Sergio Bonacci Lapalma

主演:王家卫杜可风Cristina CivaleMarcelo BoscoJo Johannes 展开

  It's the story of a hilarious journey of a pair of talented and m ultiple awards winning Art Director, Bosco & Jojo, from Argentina, venturing out to make their first feature film. Bosco & Jojo's, early success in the 90's, sees them founded the legendary infamous club, 'Kim Y Novak', frequented by the likes of Francis Ford Coppola and Rolling Stones, inspired song written about it by Benjamin Biolay in 2000's. They went on to open an art gallery, POPA, showcasing controversial art collections, creating headlines in The NY Times and Wire. The tribulation to producing their first feature film led them through a nostalgic journey when they had their first big break from making the film Happy Together, by the renown Hong Kong Director, Wong Kar Wai. This journey takes them unpeeling layers of adventure and misadventure of their life. 展开