Cargo 电影




导演:Timo Novotny

主演: 展开

  Starting in one of the big advertising screens of Tokyo, Cargo in troduces itself in form of a bag to a young Japanese guy called Komatsu. Meeting point: a trashcan in Shibuya (the biggest train station of Tokyo). There would be nothing unusual about this if there is not the cell phone in the bag which starts to ring all of a sudden and Komatsu gets the order to leave the bag somewhere. There the problems starts because Tokyo people are supposed to be honest and Komatsu is not really able to get rid of the bag. The bag ends up where it was found and the story could go on and on forever. Cargo is symbiosis of a musicvideo trilogy and a shortfilm. Basically the story is a loop about mysterious people, mobile phones and a bag, which becomes heavy cargo for one of the characters. 展开